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The Most Beautiful Place in Taiwan: Hualien

I remember I told everyone that my dream is to travel around the world. I really really like to travel, because I like to see the wonderful scenery and to breathe the fresh air. By traveling, I can have a temporary break and relax myself. There is an old saying " Taking a rest helps going a further. " So I think everyone shold have a trip when you feel tired in your work or something. Now I wanna introduce a beautiful place to u guys. Hualien is the most beautiful and clear place in Taiwan. When I am a college student, I live Hualien for four years. During the school life in Hualien, I go to many places like Taroko National Park(太魯閣國家公園), Liyu Lake(鯉魚潭), Seven Star Lake(七星潭)and so on. There are also many delicious food in Hualien night market. I like to eat Sticky Rice Cakes(花蓮麻糬). It's also the most famous food in Hualien. Do u wanna eat delicious food? Please go to Hualien. *^__________^* The following pictures are my college school " National Dong Huwa University." My school is more bigger than school in Taipei. I can ride the bike around the school with the wind. When I am in bad mood, I will go to lake(東湖) in school and sit near it to let myself cool down. By watching the lake, my mood is getting well. In NDHU, u also can see many species of animals such as 環頸雉, rabbits and squirrels. It sounds like wonderful, right? Let's go to Hualien in leisure time.